Reading files with PHP: “auto detect line endings”

With this PHP code:

$fp = @fopen("file.txt", "r");
if ($fp)
	$i = 1;
	while (($line = fgets($fp, 4096)) !== false)
		echo "Line ".$i.": ".$line;

And this file.txt content:


You expect an output like:

Line 1: aaaaa
Line 2: bbbbb
Line 3: ccccc
Line 4: ddddd

A problem appears when you read a file created in a Mac environment (eg, \r instead of \n ). Then you could get something like:

Line 1: aaaaa bbbbb
Line 2: ccccc
Line 3: ddddd

To avoid that and always get a correct (and an expected!) performance, just add this line in the beginning of your code:

ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", true);

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